V11 Review: In Flames ~ Battles

In Flames is due to release their newest album Battles this coming November 11th through Nuclear Blast Records. Battles will be the bands 12th studio album since starting off in early 1990 with their album Lunar Strain. In Flames’ melodic death metal perspective has been absolutely one to last the test of time. The End is the newest track release for the new album that will absolutely make your ears bleed and brain begging for more. In Flames comes out with some intense lyrics, guitar riffs to leave you speechless, and drums to keep your head banging. There are no other words for their newest album except for HEAVY. FUCKING. METAL.


The tracks include songs of brutality, strength, and rallying up to conquer it all. Some of my favorite songs are The End, Like Sand, Here Until Forever, and Save Me. Each song on this album will leave you in absolute awe. Anders Fridén comes out with some truly deep lyrics which tells stories of his introspective and personal life.
The band is due to start touring this coming November starting with Knotfest in Japan and soon will be coming to the states and starting the new year with a European tour. In Flames will be touring with Hellyeah and From Ashes To New to promote the new album. I personally promise that these will be shows to deeply consider going to. With an amazing lineup like this, its well worth the price of a ticket.

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