V11 Review: Cold Kingdom ~ Self Titled (EP)

Minneapolis is known for producing some famous bands ranging from PRINCE, AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE, HUSKER DU, THE REPLACEMENTS and now you can add Hard rockers COLD KINGDOM to that list. Formed in 2014, COLD KINGDOM is Dani Engum (vocals), Jason Michael (bass), Chris Morley (drums) and Evan Ogaard & Zac Boyd (guitars), and have opened for the likes CHEVELLE, PAPA ROACH, and SHINEDOWN, just to name a few. When you have a female lead singer with the looks of Dani Engum, it is easy to get pigeonholed as that band with just a pretty face out front. This EP shows that COLD KINGDOM is more than that and is on their way to not only being in the company of HALESTORM and IN THIS MOMENT, but Shinedown & NICKELBACK respectively.

Their latest effort is a self titled EP produced by Eric Bass of Shinedown, opens with “The Break”. This song has that rock radio feel with a touch of the aforementioned Halestorm and In This Moment. “In Stereo” comes next with sort of a power ballad feel that showcases Dani’s vocals. “Not Tonight” and “Perfect Chambers” are back to back songs that really give Evan and Zac a chance to show some solid guitar work, proving there is a solid band of musicians behind Dani’s amazing pipes. The EP concludes with the second ballad “Child”, which is a softer ballad full of emotional lyrics that happened to be my favorite on the release.
This EP may be short, having only five tracks, but the production was great and each track stands out for a little different reason than the other. With the diversity and talent within the band, Cold Kingdom will undoubtedly be a household name in the rock world very soon.


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