V11 Review: Danko Jones ~ I’ve Got Something To Say: 10 Years Of Rock ‘n Roll Ramblings

While familiar with his music, I had never read anything from Danko Jones so I came into this book without knowing what to expect. Quickly looking through it you would think it’s a comic book as there are some pages that are basically comic strips. That is not the case, the vast majority of this book is versions of what Danko wrote for other media outlets, like Huffington Post or Close-Up Magazine. Since I had not read any of these previous posts, this book was all new to me.

Having said all that did I like this book, the answer is a resounding YES! You could probably tell by his music that he is an insightful person, well this book proves that point. I’ve Got Something To Say: 10 Years Of Rock ‘n Roll Ramblings is structured as short little chapters on anything and everything. Quite a few of them music oriented, but the ones I found the most interesting took a different spin on things. An example is his breakdown on the colors used on the KISS solo albums to what songs are best for a soundtrack for a Dungeons and Dragons game (if you guessed a lot of Iron Maiden and Dio you would be correct).
It is a quick read and I think you will enjoy it even if you have never heard of his music, of course if you are on this website you probably have. The only negative I can say about this book is some of the fonts used in the cartoon sections are EXCEEDINGLY hard to read.
If you don’t read this book, I will give you one free tip, if you ever have Danko over for a BBQ don’t put a tomato on his hamburger or ask him what his guilty musical pleasure is.

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