V11 Review: Leo Fender – The Quiet Giant Heard Around the World by Phyllis Fender and Randall Bell

Expectations can be a dangerous thing. I expected a book about Leo Fender to be about his guitars and his encounters with musicians. Do not expect this from this book. But when you read about Leo Fender you also learn that his life was not focused on encounters with musicians and other exciting yarns with celebrities. This book is written by his second wife Phyllis Fender along with Randall Bell, whose father led the R & D team there for many years. This is more of a story of his life as told in a loving way by Phyllis.

8 Facts about Leo Fender

So, once I got past my disappointment about not reading about exciting musician meetings, or if there were they were very brief like the one about Prince that the encounter lasted about as long as it took you to read this sentence. I enjoyed the book. I always find it interesting to read about true genius and Leo Fender fit this category, so if you want to read a book about a man who revolutionized the music industry I would recommend this book. This is a quick read that will give you a peek inside the life of a man who overcame health problems and learned that dedication to a career that you love is time well spent.

Leo you were a man who could not play a guitar, but my ears thank you for years of great music.

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