V11 Review: Shallow Side ~ One (EP)

Photo: Sarah Carmody

Alabama rockers Shallow Side, whose influences include Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, and Shinedown, just dropped a new 6 track EP titled ‘One’ on Jan. 13th.

The whole EP is only six songs that come in at about nineteen minutes long, and one of them is a well-known cover of “Renegade” by STYX. The cover is done amazingly well, keeping in line with the original while updating it with their own style. While Renegade might be older than most of the band, apparently the Shallow Side version has even garnered praise from none other than Tommy Shaw, himself. The rest of the EP consist of originals with songs like “We Roll” and the memorable “Fight or Flight”, which is slated as the next single. Most numbers here sound made for radio, including the radio friendly “Start a Fire”.

One particular song that stands out to me is “Can You Hear Me”. Eric showcases his clean and confident vocals along with his ability to hit the screams and the high notes alike. Heath is a beast on the drums on this one, and Cody and Seth make a great combination on bass and guitar. These two play off one another like a well-oiled machine in the just over three minute play time for this one.

Shallow Side is creating music that blends classic and southern rock infused music with modern crunch rock that is needed to garner radio play. The songs have catchy hooks, strong guitar riffs, sing-along anthems, and power vocals that scream radio friendly rock. This EP is short in length, but gives the listener a great introduction to what the band is all about. It appears a full length album is slated for some time in 2017, and after listening to “One”, I can’t wait to hear more.


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