V11 Review: Them Evils~Them Evils (EP)

In this day and age of over-produced mass hyped hysteria in the world of rock, it is refreshing sometimes to find a band who remembers that sometimes less is more. It is easy to forget that in the not so distant past bands like AC/DC and the likes ruled the charts with a simplistic approach the put the music first. THEM EVILS, a band straight out of the Las Vegas desert, seems to have taken this approach with the hard driving straight forward approach found on their newly released self titled EP.

THEM EVILS have been taking the world by storm one city at a time as they have been opening across the country for THE PRETTY RECKLESS. Fans here in Las Vegas got a taste of that show at the House of Blues.
Straight forward rock without all the frills is what this short yet hard driving EP is all about. In sticking to the simplistic approach, the self titled EP has only four songs in all and is kicked off by the new single “Untold”. This song is getting some ready play across the country and it is not hard to understand why. If you need an introduction to what THEM EVILS are all about. “Put Your Love on Me” leaves little to the imagination as to just what the lyrics are about and “Bleed” picks up the pace a bit before one I like a lot in the bluesy “Get You Out”.
Sometimes less can be more and that seems to be what THEM EVILS are all about. This three piece line-up comes straight at you and lets the music do the talking, and this EP has plenty to say!


Also check out their first full length “Have One On Me” and also BigMex’s interview with Jake, bassist of Them Evils

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