The Black Dahlia Murder | August 25th, 2017 @ Majestic Theater ~ Detroit, MI

Review & Photos by: Todd Gilleland

A bunch of sweaty Detroit metalheads witnessed a hell of a homecoming when The Black Dahlia Murder brought their annual Summer Slaughter tour to the legendary Majestic Theater on Friday, August 25th. It was an evening of sonic onslaught from a solid lineup featuring veteran metal acts Dying Fetus and Origin as well as newer faces such as Oceano, The Faceless, Rings of Jupiter, and Betraying the Martyrs.

By the time Black Dahlia hit the stage, the crowd was wasted, and TBDM wasted no time ripping their collective heads off. Tearing through their landmark album Nocturnal in its entirety, the band sounded like a well-sharpened sword, a tool of both precision and deadly force. It was death by a thousand cuts, and the audience couldn’t have imagined a better way to go.

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