The Darkness | March 30, 2018 @ Brooklyn Bowl ~ Las Vegas, NV

For the last 18 years, there really hasn’t been anything like the English rock band THE DARKNESS. Best known for the falsetto vocal styles and humorous lyrics form front-man Justin Hawkins, it is sometimes easy to overlook the musical talent behind the band, but never easy to overlook just how much fun they have on stage and how much fun they bring to the crowd. This is exactly what happened when THE DARKNESS invaded the Brooklyn Bowl on March 30, 2018.
THE DARKNESS came to Las Vegas in support of the fifth studio release “Pinewood Smile”, which was released in late 2017. They have released five studio albums since their inception, and while others have achieved various levels of commercial success, none were bigger than the groundbreaking debut album “Permission to Land”. At the time of its release, there was nothing out there like it, and in this copycat world we live in, there is still nothing out there quite like it.

THE DARKNESS still has three of the four originals from the “Permission to Land” era still in the line-up. Brothers Justin and Dan Hawkins handle the vocals and guitar while Frankie Poullain, the man with unique afro and cowbell on the song “One Way Ticket”, remains on bass. Rufus Taylor on drums was the last piece added back in 2015.
With Justin Hawkins as the front man, it is impossible for the band, and the crowd for that matter, do not appear to just have too good of a time at a rock show. Justin even managed to have some fun with the hecklers in the crowd, keeping the spirit of the show high and refusing to let anyone ruin the crowds good time.
Some always wonder if Justin Hawkins can pull of that falsetto vocal style live, and you need to go no further than the songs from “Permission to Land” such as “Love is Only a Feeling” and “Growing on Me” to have that question answered with a resounding YES!

THE DARKNESS to me always seems like a concert experience where a party just happens to break out. By the time the boys hit the crowd with arguably their two biggest commercial songs “Hands Off” and “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” at the end of the show, Las Vegas seemed like it had been the perfect spot for a DARKNESS party to break out!


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